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Barron's Boat Yard
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Barron's Boatyard Travel-lift
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Available Facilities


Dry-dock Available: 2+ Acres
Indoor Dry-dock: 2
Travel-Lift: 35 ton
Crane: Yes

Bathrooms: Available in Summer Season
Showers: Available in Summer Season
Electricity and Water: Both
Parking: Yes 


Boatyard Rules:

  • No use of hazardous chemicals without Boat Yard approval.
  • Unlawful disposal of oil, or oil product is prohibited.
  • Do not dispose of anything into the Sound.
  • Applying anti-fouling paint is done by Boat Yard employees, no exceptions.
  • Raising of any sail while on the hard is prohibited, wait till you're in the water.
  • No fishing allowed off the docks.
  • No Disposal of anything into the Sound.
  • Don't throw anything into the Sound!
  • No Dumping Holding Tanks or Port-o-potties.