Summer Sailing On City Island Mooring

Barron's Boatyard Summer Mooring

Summer Sailing on a City Island Mooring

With the Summer Sailing Season just around the corner, we're readying the Docks, preparing the Moorings, continuing the age-old annual tradition of launching the fleet. Soon the Long Island Sound will be filled with cruiser's enjoying the Boating Life.

Here on City Island, we at Barron's Boatyard are host to an assortment of boater's, sail and power alike. We welcome you to come and check us out, and if you decide  join on the fun, we'll help you get situated and aquainted with our Sailing Lifestyle.

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You are invited to visit us this season:

Barron's Boatyard
350 Fordham Place
City Island, NY 10464

Photo Gallery: Mooring Field on City Island

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Summer Mooring Service Includes: Parking, Launch Boat Service, Use of the Dock, Fresh Water,...