J 24 Racer

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J 24

J 24 for Sale. Asking $5000

 - Sold -

Year: 1984 Model:24
LOA: 24 Beam: 9
Displacement: 3100 Lbs Draft: 5



1 Gas (Outboard) Engine, 4.0 horse power with Hours run.


A man who raced sailboats very well for 40+ years now reluctantly offers his last boat, a J/24, for sale. The J/24, by far the most popular International One-Design Keelboat on the planet, was designed by a young Rodney Johnstone to be both something he could sail his family in AND race extremely competitively. There are now more than 5,000 J/24’s in service worldwide. A 3100 pound boat, it is made of end-grain balsa sheathed in fiberglass for exceptional strength with no fat weight. A smooth fair hull combined with an excellent fin keel gives the J/24 its above the ordinary performance. Its transom hung rudder gives it its racer-appreciated response. Aim the boat where you want to go and head there. Nothing slow or sluggish about a J/24 at all. It’s a sailboat for sailing. This J/24 is ready to race, if you are so inclined. The competition oriented owner recently spent several thousand dollars on a special, ultra smooth racing bottom.


Full set of racing sails, a tilt-up outboard, and legal trailer. Race it this season if you want, or day sail yourself with a couple of friends. A J/24 is well suited for Long Island Sound, from lightest wind days of mid summer to the hairy-chested winds of late fall.


Call Fred for arrangements and info: (347) 927-3350

Or schedule an appointment: Tungle.me/boatsforsale


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