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You can count on us and our full range of marine services, because we employ the most advanced methods in boat repair, take professional care, and our staff are always helpful. That means we are always improving our services, which are proved by our growing number of satisfied customers.


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Marine Services

Fiberglass Repair Prices: Available upon Request. Call: (718) 885-9802 Hull and Deck Repair -...



"Extensive repairs can be done, and John Barron provides personal attention. It's a welcome spot before or after attempting Hell Gate."
-Robert C. Duncan (Author)


"A scrappy marina where the rhythms of the tide matter more than the schedules of any city bus."
-Dan Barry (NY Times)


"The yard is inexpensive and friendly. Also: if you come back late, you can leave your boat on the dock and John's crew will put it back on the mooring the next morning."
-Capt. Bob (The Sailing Life)


"Barron's is one of the handful of yards to which you can entrust a wooden boat."
-George Conk (Voyages)