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Albin 27 $19900

06/10/2016 00:26

Albin 27

Albin 27 for Sale. Asking 19900


Year: 1986Price: 19900

Make: AlbinModel: 27

LOA: 27Beam: 9.66

LWL: 24.33Draft: 2.5

Displacement: 6500 Lbs



Keel-bottom , with an Excellent Hull . The Hull is Original Gel-coat, and is in Buffed and Waxed condition.


4 Cylinder Yanmar Diesel Engine, 85+ horse power with less than 50 Hours use.


Numerous Gear including Danforth Anchor, Fenders(4), Boat-hook, Life Jackets(3), Flare Set, Air Horn, Dock-lines, GPS, Upgrades include Cockpit Bimini (2015), Replaced Windshield Wipers (2015)



Your cruising days are on their way, because this classic and comfortable Albin 27 will keep you safe and sound through the ups and the downs. That means she's got what it takes to handle all conditions, at a high rate of speed, whilst keeping her crew dry and high in the safety of her protective cockpit.

When push comes to shove, this yacht is just your choice because her owner's tender care and responsive maintenance have kept her up to date and structurally sound. Re-powered with an 85 h.p. Yanmar Diesel Engine, she's seen less than 20 hours running time in just two short seasons.

She was built by hands, famous for thier incredibly resilient sailboats, of which, some have completed extensive voyages such as transiting the North-west passage. This power-yacht offshoot is the perfect alternative to sailing, with the ability to cruise efficiently at 9-10 knots. Similar to her Swedish built little sister ship the famed Albin 25, her classic lines will catch the eye of any boat enthusiast, accentuating the beauty in her design.

Below deck she has all the accommodation that a family needs in order to go cruising. A double V-Berth forward, a full galley, an enclosed head, a completely seperate aft-cabin that could host a guest couple for overnights, are some of the features that make this cruiser a popular choice.

Going to weather aboard this Yacht makes for an extremely comfortable ride, as you are protected in every vulnerable direction. That's because along with the coverage from her hard-topped wheel-house, a canvas bimini has been added for increased protection area.

Her cabin is adorned with a teak trim and beautifully varnished wood batons, that vertically line the walls. She boasts Sunbrella cushion covers, custom tailored for your comfort. Above your head the coach-roof is finished with a Naga Hyde liner, that will keep you warm and insulated from the cold, yet cool in the heat of summer.

This is the cruising Yacht you have been waiting for. She has the ability to get you there and back, with efficiency, and in maximum comfort.


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Swedish Sloop $25,000

06/22/2015 15:45

Mahogany Swedish Sloop


Mahogany Swedish Sloop for Sale. Asking 25,000


1956 Swedish built Sloop. Mahogany over Oak, teak decks, all orginally restored Equipment retained, essential equipment and electronics upgraded.

Laid Teak decks, Atomic 4,
New sails, 1 season Hild Main and Jib,
Lead Keel, Keel Bolts Bronze, Copper riveted, 
34 foot Wooden Sloop
Ulaval, Sweden

The Yacht of your dreams has just been offered for you. Because you'll be the first to bid on a truly prestigious vessel. She's said to have been riginally delivered to the King of Sweden in 1956. She was imported to the US in 1960 Where she found her way through a Hollywood estate sale to her home on the Long Island Sound. 
Built of Mahogany over Oak, she's been copper riveted in 2005. Her new Bronze Keel Bolts were a 2006 update, along with her lain Teak Decks, and rebuilt engine. 
Her Sails are like new, single season on Doyle-Hild Main and Jib.
Her cabin is adjourned with the elegance thst only a classic wood sailboat, built for his majesty, can offer. Solid Mohagony and teak run throughout the cabin, in perfect condition. 
She has been upgraded for modern use, yet retains her classic pedigree, and antiquity. 
If you know classic wooden sloops, than you know her value to history. 
She is offered, ready to go in the water ,and ready to sail. 


Photo Gallery: Tartan 3000



Nonsuch 33' $94000

09/28/2013 23:01
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    Nonsuch 33 For Sale. Located on City Island.

    The Nonsuch is the perfect sailboat for the Sailor who wants Style and Comfort and Performance in his Sailing. This is a Cat Boat, meaning one sail for greater performance for a given size sail. One sail for greater driving power, because the sail flies in clear, “clean” air. Which means a smaller, easier to handle sail drives the boat as fast or faster than two or three sails up front might ever do. 

    The Nonsuch has just one halyard to raise the sail (and this Nonsuch 33 has an Electric Winch to do that work, as easy as pushing a button the sail goes right up), and one line to control the position of that sail (again, with the Electric Winch, if you want). This is the famous Ljungstrom Rig which allows a single person to easily handle the driving power on this 16,500 lbs boat. This is the Rig for the Sailor who wants to sail when he wants to sail without having to line up some “strong lads” to hoist and control the canvas. You sail an afternoon, or a fortnight, as is your pleasure. When you are done, you merely drop the entire sail right into its own sail cover, no muss, no fuss. 

    As salty and classic looking as the Nonsuch is, it has a modern underwater hull shape, which means faster, smoother, and well-balanced to take advantage of weather helm rather than fight it like older designs require. Winds picking up? Right from the cockpit, you can drop the sail down on its first reef and sail on. Want a second reef because you are enjoying the sailing too much to head back to port? Again, right from the cockpit. 


    The Nonsuch 33 has a large, dry, comfortable cockpit. This Nonsuch 33 has a Dodger to clear the spray away when driving hard to windward, or to leave open at night to see the stars without worry of a sprinkle of rain during the night. It also has a Bimini Sun Shade to protect you from the noonday sun. AND, a full enclosure for a “Florida Room” effect early or late in the season. 

This 1989 Nonsuch has the famous Espar Forced-Air Heating System for comfortable, consistent warmth to help you extend your sailing season both earlier and later in the year. That means you can leave the Chesapeake after the early October Annapolis Sailboat Show heading down the InterCoastal Waterway in casual comfort. 

    A Paloma Instant-On Water Heater gives you all the instant hot shower water you may want, in your private shower stall with seat. A Sea Frost Engine-Driven Refrigerator gives you oodles of refrigerator and freezer space, which means you can provision less often even as you enjoy a wider choice of daily delectable eats. 

A CQR Anchor, with All-Chain Rode, for a secure feeling at anchor, with an Electric Winch to gracefully bring it back up. 

    6 foot 6 inch Headroom so you don't knock your head. Satin Varnish Interior for a cozy feeling. Two Love Seats for comfortable seating without turning sideways as on bench style seating. Ten Opening Ports for when you want to let in the fresh outside air. Unstayed Rig so you never have to check the mast cables for wear and tear (there are none, as the mast is strong enough to stay up by itself), and this Nonsuch Rig is aluminum (rather than racer carbon fibre) for a smoother motion at sea. Racers may prefer carbon fibre, but your wife (not to mention your insurance company) prefers aluminum. 
A Four Cylinder Diesel Engine because Four Cylinders is DRAMATICALLY smoother running (first harmonic vibrations can not be damped out on a three or two cylinder engine). 

    The Nonsuch 33 is a Mark Ellis Design built to the famed Quality Standards of the Hinterhoeller Organization. The Nonsuch 33 is for the owner who appreciates a better boat. 

 Contact owner John 917-587-4030 for all the details.

Photo Gallery: Nunsuch 33

Nonsuch 33- Exterior Looking Aft

Exterior Looking Aft

Nonsuch 33- Cockpit


Nonsuch 33- Companionway


Nonsuch 33- Cabin


Nonsuch 33- Cabin Forward

Cabin Forward

Nonsuch 33- Cabin Starboard

Cabin Starboard

Nonsuch 33- Cabin Port

Cabin Port